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If you’re looking for the perfect balance of protecting your plants and creating a gorgeous view, a retaining wall may be the perfect project to pursue. The main purpose of a retaining wall, in many cases, is to provide support and reduce erosion for soil-based gardens or sloped landscape. However, retaining walls also add an artistic depth to your landscape design that makes a lasting impression.

Kable Landscaping has the knowledge and experience to provide design and installation of retaining walls from basic small barrier to a complex multi-tiered step that serves as a key feature in a botanical garden. We can work with nearly any material you have in mind. We give honest quotes and produce beautiful results.


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Benefits of Retaining Walls

There are a number of benefits to adding a retaining wall to your landscape design. Some are functional, some are aesthetic. A few key benefits include:


Due to the incredibly hard and durable materials that retaining walls are comprised of, strength is one of the key benefits, allowing for years of support as a structural cornerstone for any garden.


The materials that comprise retaining walls are relatively inexpensive, allowing for a simple, cost-effective project, while still providing the strength and stability you are looking for.

High-End Quality

As retaining walls continue to grow a reputation as a high-end installment for any garden, they not only allow for practicality, but are also a gorgeous addition to your landscape.

Soil Conservation

A retaining wall prevents erosion of land from rainfall naturally running down a sloping hill. Water naturally seeps into the ground at the barrier of a retaining wall and serves as a great hydration source for plants within the garden.

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