Shrub planting is just another one of the many services that Kable Landscaping offers to our customers throughout mid-Michigan. Our focus on providing an expert approach to our client’s needs enables us to provide sound advice concerning which plants may work well in your setting and which ones may not.

Beyond how a particular shrub will look in reference to your current landscape design, maintenance of a shrub and whether your sun/shade situation and soil composition are right for the shrub are just a few key points that should be taken into consideration when choosing shrubs. You’ve got questions concerning shrub planting, we’ve got answers.

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Benefits of Shrub Planting

When making the decision to plant shrubs in your landscape, you may be wondering what some of the benefits are.

Variety – Placing shrubs in your landscape is the perfect opportunity to help break up the standard, monotonous flow that comes with traditional landscaping. What better way to help find a new look than by utilizing shrubbery?

Personality – Because shrubs come in such a variety of styles and colors, using them to create a personal touch in your landscape can be a perfect way to set yourself apart from your neighbors.

Environment – As with all plants, adding shrubs to your landscape is just another great way to help out the environment, breathing a little fresh air into your yard – all on your own terms.

Location, Location, Location

Like trees, every shrub needs the proper amount of sunlight in order to grow to its full potential. When selecting shrubs, make sure you’re picking specimens that are truly right for the area they’ll be planted in. Not sure? We can help!

Planting Depth

When planting shrubbery, the root system must be buried in soil to the correct depth – otherwise, disease could set in and harm your plant. Why leave anything to chance when it comes to your landscaping? Trust the experts at Kable to plant your shrubs to specification so they can flourish season after season.

Key Rules of Shrub Planting

When making the decision to plant shrubs, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

Ready to see your design come alive?

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