Snow Removal Services

When you think of Kable Landscaping, you likely think of the many services that we provide to our clients, such as hydroseeding, landscape design, and tree & shrub removal. However, we also keep busy in the winter with snow plowing and salting services.


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Let Us Clear the Way

Here in Michigan, we’re no strangers to how wild and unpredictable the winter weather can be. As much as we love sledding and making snowmen, we also know the troubles and dangers that heavy snowfall and ice bring in the winter months.

Don’t let snow and ice build-up make you a prisoner in your home or hinder patrons from visiting your business. Call us to clear the way. We’ll stay ahead of the weather to keep you on the go throughout the winter months.



We’re always on top of the weather so that we can quickly react to any needs. We’re well prepared for any winter threat that may arise, and ready to take it on one flake at a time.

Reliable Equipment

Not only do we have a fleet of snow plow trucks ready to dispatch, but we also have backup equipment in case something may happen to our trusted first line of defense. Rest assured – you won’t be left out in the cold during the winter.

Salting Services

We also offer salting services to our clients to keep sidewalks and parking lots safe from slippery ice.

Snow plowing – driveways, parking lots, alleys

Sidewalk clearing – keep your walks clear, safe, and accessible.

Salting – melt away the slippery, hazardous ice and keep parking lot and sidewalk conditions safe.

Call on Us

Call Kable Landscaping today at (989) 695-5222 for all of your snow removal needs. Whether you’re a business whose lot and sidewalks need to be kept clear to keep customers coming in, or a homeowner who wants to rest assured knowing you won’t get stuck in your driveway when you leave for work in the morning, call on us to clear the path.


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